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Pregnancy & Birth
Pregnancy & Birth

Discuss everything about pregnancy, from getting pregnant to having your baby

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My earliest is 8 DPO, which I have gotten twice with girls. I was using ovulation tests so I think they were pretty accurate. :D

I got a BFP (big fat positive) with my Son at 9-10 DPO. With my other pregnancies that were miscarriages I tested 9 DPO and all days after with a BFP around 13 DPO

Congratulations in advance for your upcoming beautiful baby. Yes, it is really important to consult the doctor before you do any yoga exercises, but normal things you can do at your home like meditation or exhaling breathe like (breathe in... (More)

Yes! I'm a mom of 3 ages 13-25 and pregnant with #4 . I have been doing yoga for 26 years and teaching for 18 years ( yes I'm old) yes to yoga when pregnant and after. It does and... (More)