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Julie Doyle
Taryn's Mommy
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What's the safest way to trim my baby's nails?

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Hi Julie, with my kids I found the safest (and by far the easiest) way to trim their nails when they're young, without hassle is a product called the Nail Clipper Pro137. It's far safer and more accurate than regular baby nail clippers and give you much more control. I'd recommend investing in pair of them, you'll use them for years. 

What's the safest way to trim my baby's nails?
They're being offered at a discount HERE137


Hannah Burfield
I use these too they're amazing!
Abigail Mitchelle
Yep, these are the best
Joyce Cameron
Just ordered a pair, thanks for the recommendation!
Brittany Morgan
I use these weekly with my kids!
Michelle Jones
I was going to respond with the Clipper Pro but you beat me to it! Love 'em