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Be a mobile mama medical unit, and ALWAYS carry a first aid kit on any trip. I always carry two during travel: a small carry-on version with travel-sized essentials like Band-Aids, Neosporin, adult Tylenol, etc., and then a slightly larger version ... (More)

While not paying for your under-2-year-old to fly is great, having to sit with her on your lap is not. Ask every gate agent and flight attendant you meet multiple times if the flight's full and if they can move people around so your family gets a c... (More)

Get them vaccinated for the trip, but don't vaccinate and fly! What do diaper blowouts, fevers, and rashes all have in common? They're all usual side effects of routine vaccinations that you do not want to deal with during a travel day. Book vaccin... (More)

Leslie Ezzell
Mom Chat Contributer

Hi Shannon! Both of mine were, yes. Kids this age should have a wide range of speech sounds in their babbling (like p, b, m, d, or n), begin to imitate sounds and words they hear, and often say one or more words (not including "mama" and "dada"). N... (More)

Hi Kate! I put up railings along the side of the bed for about 6 months until they got used to sleeping in the bed and felt comfortable without them :) Hope this helps!

I look for something slender so they can hold it easy, and they like the heavier kinds better than the super light filled plushies.

My daughter picked out her plush toy at 1 year old. It's a soft woody doll from the Disney store. Before that she had a soft blanket... Which she sleep has to have. She has to sleep with blanket and woody she's 3