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I didn’t with either of mine. If we needed to put anything on to dry their skin we just used plain corn flour. It’s what most of the baby powders are anyway and it’s much cheaper to buy it from... (More)

In a perfect world, yes. But since that's not realistic for many parents washing bottles with with soap and water after every feeding, and sterilizing them overnight is a good call. This kills the bacteria and viruses that caregivers can... (More)

Nope! Evolutionarily speaking, babies are meant to be held. That's why they're so cuddly and irresistible! While it's fine to have your infant attached to you (via a wrap or a baby carrier) during the day, nighttime is a different story.... (More)

Sure. So is brown, light yellow, and seedy mustard. These variations in hue depend on whether your baby is drinking formula or breast milk (and, in the latter case, whether her bowel movement comes from fore milk or hind milk).... (More)